Thursday, January 12, 2023

Susan Halas Interview with Kurt Zimmerman: Dorothy Sloan and More

 Susan Halas, book dealer and writer, contacted me to do an interview for Rare Book Monthly, the online newsletter found on  It came out in December.  I thought I'd share it on my blog for those who didn't see it.  

Happy New Year!  I've already got a couple new essays in the works so stay tuned.

Kurt Zimmerman, book blogger, shares memories of Dorothy Sloan

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  1. Kurt- Thank you for keeping the memory of Dorothy Sloan alive. Greatly looking forward to your articles on her. I realize you may not have intended to be up for election but you are being elected to fill in the shoes of Donald Dickinson. There are a lot of great dealers, collectors, and librarians out there that need to be known and remembered. Thank you for all you do in documenting them!!