Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Three Book Trade Veterans and a Collector Speak at the Houston Book Fair

The Houston Book Fair was held this past Saturday, November 8th at the Printing Museum.  One of the highlights was a panel discussion.   Collector Kurt Zimmerman and three veteran rare book dealers discuss their backgrounds, share book stories, comment on the current state of the trade, and answer audience questions.  The three dealers were Bud Plant, Peter Stern, and Dennis Melhouse.  A volunteer at the Museum filmed the discussion.  It's worth a view.  Get out the popcorn.

Houston Book Fair Panel Discussion

Stern, Plant, and Melhouse will each have booths at the ABAA Boston Book Fair this upcoming weekend.  Peter Stern has contributed a timely essay on the ABAA blog, "Boston: Characters in the Rare Book Trade."

Peter Stern. Boston: Characters in the Rare Book Trade

Two other relevant blog essays by Rusty Mott & Joyce Kosofsky are also recommended.

Rusty Mott. Recollections of the Boston Book Fair By a Lifer

Joyce Kosofsky. Changes in the Boston Bookstore Scene

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  1. The Houston Book Fair Discussion was well worth the view. Just a thought; but "American Book Collecting," a panel of American bibliophiles, with you as moderator, would make for an interesting series on PBS.