Thursday, January 22, 2015

You Know You’re a Serious Book Collector When . . .

The insurance value of your book collection is greater than the value of your home.

You will skip watching any sporting event to attend a Book Fair.

You have a separate credit card just for book purchases.

The high balance on your book credit card “doesn’t really count."

You fantasize more about books than the opposite sex.

You realize you may never see that rare book again but you can always make more money.

You sell your piano to make room for another large bookcase.

You can’t wait to get the kids out of the house so you can use their rooms for books.

You quietly worry about the structural integrity of your home.

You can scout bookstores all day long and forget to eat.

You have a tumultuous relationship with your postman.

Most of the emails you receive are “want matches” from book sites.

Much of your day revolves around checking these want matches.

You often have books sent to the office instead of your home.

Book dealers send you advance catalogues.

Book dealers extend you credit.

Book dealers take you to lunch.

Auction houses send you complimentary catalogues.

You have experienced auction fever.

You can spend hours going through dealer pamphlet bins for fun.

You examine the decorative books at furniture stores in hopes of a find.

Guests grow silent in amazement when they walk through your book-laden home.

Your master bedroom is full of books.

You have book shelves in your bedroom closets.

A library space is the most important element to consider in buying a home.

You fantasize about building a separate book house on the vacant lot next door.

You buy the lot next door and build a separate book house.

You spontaneously cheer or curse when you win or lose an Ebay auction.

Your vacations feature book stores and book dealers.

The perusal of a fresh bookseller catalogue takes immediate priority over anything else.

You spend your free time reading old bookseller catalogues.

You order book jacket protectors and rolls of protective mylar in bulk from library suppliers.

Your spouse is now convinced that books are a good investment.

You are a bit embarrassed to bring a guest to the house who is not a book person.

You own multiple copies of your favorite rare books.

When someone asks how you are doing you reply, “Very fine.”

You begin to believe in a Book Deity.

That long sought after book finally arrives and time stops and the angels sing.


  1. I have no shelves in my closet. I am not commenting on the others, however! Nicely done :)

  2. You collect answers to the question "Have you read them all?"

  3. Well done, I thoroughly enjoyed the list. My only addition might be that "There never appears to be a shortage of cardboard or bubblewrap around the house."

  4. And friends thought I was nuts to install a stair-lift to move books from level to level.